Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Angela + Jian Wedding @ Skansonia Wedding

Angela + Jian
Wedding @ Skansonia & UW

My wedding business is hardly ever advertised anymore, in the beginning I spent thousands to build a name but it wasn't very fruitful or had much ROI.

So now I let my photos and customer experience do the walking for me. I'll go by the Sriracha model and let word of mouth advertising dictate my business (this probably sounds like nails on chalkboard to everyone doing SEO). In most cases it carries much more weight to get a good referral from a friend then to find some stranger on the internet.

Which is the case for Angela and Jian. They found me and asked their friends Jason and Alvin on what they thought of my portfolio? Just so happens both Alvin and Jason shoot for me. =) So naturally I signed them and I'm so glad that I did.

The Skansonia has been on my Venue Radar for while now. It's an old ship that has been retired on Lake Union Seattle and now serves as a one of Seattle's premiere wedding facilities. You can't argue against a view as nice as that to get married to!

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