Monday, May 10, 2010

Julia and Jeff Wedding - Kent, WA May 8th, 2010

Julia and Jeff Wedding Photos

Canon 7D
Canon 50mm 1.4

Kubota Garden in Renton

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Friday, May 7, 2010

Our very 1st House

Kent House
Originally uploaded by MadeMediaPhotography
It's been quit the journey to get to this point but i have a place of my own finally. Can we say home studio? LOL

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The Power Source Fitness Shoot in Bellevue

Canon 7D
Canon 24-70 2.8
Alien Bees B800 x2
Nikon Sb80dx
And Backdrop

Myself, Linh, and Mai turned the Power Source Fitness into a photo studio. I wish I had taken a shot of the setup to show you but we moved pretty quick and got into the photo session immediately after testing the lights out.

Sometimes you get lucky and meet people that inspire you. These types of folks are rare, like finding a four leaf clover. Folks that have enough light in them to shine the entire room.

When you do meet one, I suggest holding on to them for as long as possible. Because like a four leaf clover you may encounter lots of luck and opportunities.

Marques from the Power Source Fitness is one of those four leaf clovers. Extraordinarily energetic, charismatic, and all around good guy. It's like he was born to be motivating. That's why I believe his personal fitness gym will be a great success moving forward.

Special thanks to Georgia for standing in as our model/client.

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Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Alena and Rob @ Pike Place Market in Seattle

Canon 7D
Canon 24-70
Pike Place Market
Running into evening with low light and heavy overcast. the lighting was a bit too dark but I saved it by pumping the ISO to 500.

Alena and Rob were great to work with. I love working with people with beautiful eyes! Great eyes almost speak to you in photos. Most of the time its saying, I'm hot and I know it (or I can't believe we've been taking photos for the last 3hrs, I'm tired and I'm ready to go home).

We arrived at 5;45 pm on Sunday just as all the vendors were closing shop, which was a good and bad since we missed the fish guys but were able to clear out the crowds to give us free reign of the place.

All and all a great photo session. With more photos to come.

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