Monday, July 26, 2010

How to replace the wide angle diffuser on a Canon 580ex II Flash Unit

So I broke the wide angle diffuser on my Canon 580ex Mark ii, naturally I wanted to fix regardless of how often I actually use it. (Which is almost never)

So how do I fix my Canon 580ex? Here's the steps. Unfortunately I did not take photos during the process.

Take the batteries out, even with it out you can still get a nice shock, enough to cause you to drop the flash and smash it

Tools Needed:
1. Small Phillips screw driver used for glasses
2. Long tweezers

I got my part from for $17.80


1. Remove the rubber from each side of the flash, careful not to tear it. Use a flat head to get underneath the seems and gently lift. Its only attached by glue

2. Time to unscrew, 14 screws altogether.
-2 on the exterior
-6 underneath the rubber caps - 3 each side
-2 holding the flash bulb and
-4 holding the diffuser panel side

Be sure not to lose any screws while in the process.

3. Once the screws are removed careful to unplug the small computer wire, used for transmitting info inside of your flash, you snap this thing and there goes your TTL.

4. From here remove the back panel and remove the old diffuser.

5. Click in your $17 dollar diffuser, remembering to put it in the correct way.

6. Screw everything back in, use your tweezers for the harder to get to screw spots, put the batteries back, pull out the diffuser, and test fire on your canon camera.

Everything should work as normal, if not you screwed something up.


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Lana and Kieu Portraits

Lana and Kieu
Portrait Session
Seattle, WA

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Bao and Bee Engagement - Alki 07-25-10

Bao and Bee
Engagement Shoot
Seattle, WA

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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Neil Turney Portraits - Dash Point Park - 7-20-10

Dash Point, WA

Canon 7D
35mm f1.4

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Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Kendahl and Rob's Engagement - Coulon Park Renton, WA

Kendahl and Rob
Engagement Photo Session
Coulon Park
Renton, WA
July 11th, 2010


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Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Graham at Golden Gardens Seattle, WA

Golden Gardens
Seatte, WA
Jeannette and Graham

Canon 7D
Canon 35mm F1.4
Nikon SB-80DX Speedlights with a beauty dish.

I'm beginning to love my 35mm f1.4. The focal length breaks the traditional idea for portraits since there is slight distortion and barreling. However I'm actually a huge fan and love the look. It makes the center of the image larger than the edges. To me that is like putting a stage light onto the performer.

In this case the performers were Baby Graham and Momma Jeannette, who were a joy to work with. He had the brightest blue eyes and she had a fantastic demeanor. After reviewing the photos I didn't realize how many funny faces he gave me. I'll have to put those into a montage somehow.

Our morning at Golden Gardens could not have been better. Showered with perfect over cast light and a slight breeze (which was a nice break from the extensive heat we've been getting).

The photos turned out terrific. I employed some creative black and white techniques and dramatic water colors to create the sense of emotion and bond between a mother and child.

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Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Helen and Vu's Portland Wedding - 06-26-10

Helen and Vu Le
Portland, OR
Rose Garden
June 26th, 2010

Wedding Day Photos More to come...

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Tuesday, July 6, 2010

New York Trip Amazing Architecture! BH Photo Store and More


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