Friday, December 4, 2009

Still Photo Permits! Do you need one?

The answer is no as long as your not section off public space from their intended usage.


(1) Except as provided in paragraph (2), the Secretary shall not require a permit nor assess a fee for still photography on lands administered by the Secretary if such photography takes place where members of the public are generally allowed. The Secretary may require a permit, fee, or both, if such photography takes place at other locations where members of the public are generally not allowed, or where additional administrative costs are likely.

(2) The Secretary shall require and shall establish a reasonable fee for still photography that uses models or props which are not a part of the site’s natural or cultural resources or administrative facilities.

(d) PROTECTION OF RESOURCES—The Secretary shall not permit any filming, still photography or other related activity if the Secretary determines—

(1) there is a likelihood of resource damage;

(2) there would be an unreasonable disruption of the public’s use and enjoyment of the site; or

(3) that the activity poses health or safety risks to the public.

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