Monday, November 23, 2009

My DIY Beauty dish! Total Cost $15 bucks!

Learned through a variety of posts. This is my version. Why Spend $100 to $275 bucks for a cheap piece of plastic to manipulate light?

Items can be purchases from Home Depot with exception to the CD spindle which can be found off any roomies desk. (Just don't leave the CD's falling all over his desk)

Items to buy:
Plastic Pot - $3
Black and white spray paint - $2
CD spindle - free
blue electrical square housing $2
Black tape $4
2 washers, Nut & a bolt $.75
white fabric from Joanns less than a yard $2

Total cost should be no more than $15, any more and you're doing something wrong

Some Samples with side lighting on my Nephew Bradley:

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