Tuesday, November 10, 2009

DIY Light Box Explained

My project for the Vapor Pro Product shot was an adventure into Do-it-yourself ingenuity, stolen, I mean borrowed from the legendary David Hobby (King of cheap and lighting genius).

So instead of buying online on ebay or Adorama a light box that was 30 bucks or more and then have to wait for the shipping on it. I decided to build my own box out of

  • Cardboard
  • white construction paper
  • and foil
Total cost $0

The setup was simple enough,  I had the side panels replaced with thin white paper, the inside lined with a large poster board and the top I used foil as a reflectant for top down lighting.  A canon 580ex ii on one side and a Nikon SB-25 on the otherside.  Both triggered by my Alien Bees Cybersyncs.  If I had my 3rd flash I would have used that instead for top light, but the foil added just enough light to make it look great!

Here are some of the final samples.

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