Tuesday, December 8, 2009

The Enormous Possibilities of Macro Photography

Location: Volunteer Park in Seattle, WA

Sub freezing temperatures, yet a handful of us dedicated photographers came out to Volunteer park for a Photowalk.

Volunteer Park

The idea was to get some cool macro shots, landscape, and to also scout the area for future photoshoots.

Luckily for us the conservatory was open and there was a wealth plants to photograph.

The tropical room did us no favors though when the moisture and humidity fogged up all of our lens.

I used this however to my advantage and took this interesting shot of the toilets inside the asian art museum. Who takes pictures of toilets? Well apparently I do if its interesting enough guess.

On to the actual Macro part of the day. In full daylight there sat this wilted flower amongst a garden of dormant floral arrangements.

It had a brilliant orange peach color to it Instantly, I was lured like a minnow to a snapping turtles worm like tongue.

I tried ambient light with my macro lens but I wasnt able to achieve my surprising pleasing result until I pulled out the lights!

With the naked eye I was only able to see what looked like remnants of a flower. However with my marco lens I was able to dive deep into microscope levels and see the tiny hairs and crab leg like stems that had white bean sprouts tipping the end of it.

Naturally this snapped me into wanting a bowl of Hot Pho because of the temperature that day was in the 20s.

Canon 7d
100mm Macro USM lens
Canon 580ex flash triggered by alien bees at 1/4 power -off camera
Fully lit day but the high F stop blackened out the background and put focus on the flower.

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