Monday, December 21, 2009

Water Droplet Project

Another Macro Project.


Canon 7D

Canon 100MM macro USM F2.8


2 light stands and Boom arm

Ziplock bag filled with water

Black water tray

8x10 Photo of Seattle

ISO 100


Cyber Syncs

Canon 580ex Mii

With the winter months trapping us indoors, that shouldn't be any reason to stop taking photos. I broke out the macro lens and played around with my own water droplet project.

Inspired by the movie Avatar and the amazing special effects of the luminescent environment produced by James Cameron, I was excited to create my own "Special Affects"

Here are some of my favorite results.

I Achieved this result by bouncing the flash off of the photo. I got creative and started bouncing the light off of various magazines to get the awesome colors.

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