Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Sophy & Patrick Khmer Wedding and Cabo

Sophy & Patrick
Khmer Wedding and Cabo
Kent & Cabo

There were so many elements to Sophy and Patrick's wedding. I was impressed by how well it was executed.

Sunday: Cambodian traditional ceremony with full on parade of the grooms side.
Monday: Since my wife was friends with Sophy we all flew along with her family to attend the Cabo wedding which fell on a Thursday.

I have to preface the fact that I'm obviously more of a visual person. I hate reading fine print. So when I received my passport card recently I saw that we can get into Canada and Mexico with it. However I didn't realize it was just by Land or Sea. The fight to Cabo from Seattle was a bout 5hrs. Plus about a 40 minute layover. We get into Cabo and they get me for not having the passport book, apparently the card is a completely useless if you fly.

Instead of making any exceptions, they put me on the next flight to Seattle. BLAHHHH!@ So basically I had the longest round trip ever back to Seattle to pick up my passport book.

Enough about me more about the wedding. Here are the great photos from a wonderful wedding.

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