Sunday, July 13, 2014

Is there really a ghost at Kubota Gardens?

Kubota Gardens Ghost?

You be the judge.

So there's a bunch of Seattle urban legends about how Kubota is a haunted garden. Google Kubota Gardens Ghost and I'm sure you'll find tons of material on the subject. I've shot there so many times and never once have I experienced anything. Albeit, all of my visits have been during the day time.

Many folks claim that if you go at night you'll experience strange wind howls and something that could manifest near the bridge. The only thing strange about Kubota are the car prowlers that lurk there.

So as I was going through a series of shots of a 1st look with clients I noticed something a bit peculiar. As if it was a misty cloud shooting through the gates and past the couple.

Click below to see for yourself.

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