Monday, January 16, 2012

Michael+Abbie E-Session - Snow What?!

Michael+Abbie E-Session
Bellevue Engagement Session
Assist: Quang

The 1st Engagement session of the new year!! Fitting it was for one of my good friends, Michael and Abbie. They are getting married March 25th, and guess who's one of the groomsmen? Me. =)

The morning started off with a heavy heavy dredging of snow. Rare for Seattle. But when it happens the entire County grinds down to halt. We Seattlelites have a hard enough time driving in the rain, much less the snow. However Michael is a trooper and we pushed through and made it to Bellevue. Bellevue is a beautiful backdrop, lots of colors and friendly furniture stores that allow you to shoot inside their store.

I tried out my new pixel king triggers and they were awesome! No more running up to the flash to change the power setting. I was able to control it from my camera! Plus I can shoot in TTYL. Nice little Christmas gift my wife got me.

Michael "Tebowing"

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