Sunday, January 29, 2012

Dung+Derek After Wedding Session - Conservatory

Seattle, WA

After Wedding Session

Dung and Derek have got to be two of the nicest people I've met. Super friendly and easy going. I shot their wedding on 11/20/11. It was quaint ceremony and fun reception but unfortunately because of the time of year, we ran out of daylight to do the artsy photo session. Just a note to future brides, if you plan on getting married in the fall be sure to remember that it gets dark in Seattle around 4pm.

Today's session was to make up for lost artsy photo time. We chose to go to the Conservatory near the Asian art museum. Great choice, since it's a giant green house with various climates from tropical to desert. It also served as nice shelter from a very rainy day. I love the light that the green house produces. It's so soft and even from the frosted green house windows. Kinda like a big soft box.

The only draw back is the humidity in the rain forest section created havoc on my lens. Regardless, besides the heavy crowds on the weekends, it's fantastic place shoot.

Dung's dress was so vintage looking, I figured I'd process the photos in a way that would really compliment her classy look.

I was standing in the rain, while they were in the comfort of the dry greenhouse on this shot.

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