Saturday, April 23, 2011

Vi + Minh Engagement Photos

Vi + Minh
Engagement Photos
Renton, WA

The Spring is here and the heat is rising, tomorrow's temperature forecast is 67 degrees. Ooh yes! Today was more of a warm up day, since the Sun was out but is was pretty darn chilly.

Just like how I enjoy to eat at new restaurants, I'm also a fan of going to new places to shoot, so every time I drive through an area I'm always on a look out for an area that has some interest lines, color, or architecture. In Downtown Renton, near Liberty Park there's an area with a bridges near the river that I've eyeballing for months now.

So naturally when it came time for Vi and Minh to do a quick engagement session that was the place we decided to go to.

There are these great long white hand rails at the edge of the river and private and colorful areas that are fantastic for photos.

I'd avoid the place at night there. There are a few sketchy characters that call that place a hang out spot.

-Binh Nguyen Seattle Wedding Photographer.

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