Sunday, April 10, 2011

Alicia & Jordan - A Day in Pioneer Square

Alicia & Jordan
Mom and Daughter Shoot in Pioneer Square
Seattle, WA
Assistant: Alvin Ngan

More photos taken from Alvin here. Alvin Ngan

Pioneer Square Seattle, WA. What more can I say about this part of downtown?

Wonderful eateries. You can find a perfectly greasy heart burning hot dog or gyro in about every corner. Don't forget to lather on the cream cheese, sauerkraut, and jalapenos to give it that extra umphh.

Party Spot: Wait until about 10pm when the night life begins and bar hop to good ole JM cafe, or cut a rug at Trinity Nightclub. Maybe watch a drunken fight or two by 2am.

Team Spirit: Seattlelites love their Sounders and adore their Mariners regardless of how bad they maybe, so forget about finding parking when there's a game that day. Naturally we scheduled a shoot minutes before a Sounders game. We love a challenge.

On top of everything else Pioneer Square is also a fantastic place to take some awesome photos.

I love this area for photos, there's so much that it has to offer. The thick ivy covering the mainly brick buildings, along with grungy alleys make for an eclectic variety of backdrops.


Guess who's in this shot? Always a fan of quirky and different. I had to clean this mirror on a parked van before I used it. The driver can thank me later. =)

Photos By Binh Nguyen - Seattle Photographer

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