Monday, April 4, 2011

Nathaniel + Serena - UW Cherry Blossoms in full bloom

April 3rd, 2010

Nathanial + Serena Portraits
Assistant: Mai
UW Seattle, WA

Being a UW husky Alum, I knew that the UW quad has one of the most amazing Cherry Blossom blooms in the Spring time. So when I heard that Serena and Nathanial were interested in doing their portraits there, I was more than excited.

However, being that it had been raining all week and Sunday was one of the only days where the rain stayed away. Everyone in King County seemed to have the same idea. The area was packed with amateur and professional photographers alike. Family photos to the left, a wedding shoot in front of us, engagement sessions to the right, every single tree had multiple people posing in front of it.

I love a challenge, so instead of trying to lose the crowd I wanted to incorporate them. The challenge of course is to make the couple stand out from the crowd so I had them do multiple jumps to make it appear as if they were floating. I like the idea of floating to where I need to go, while everyone else around me only has the ability to walk.

Naturally this reminded me of some floating photos I've seen by a Japanese photographer named Natsumi Hayashi. More of her work HERE

This is my rendition of it. I love the idea that in a sea of people, no one seems to care that something apparently strange is happening and they mind their own business.

However packed it was, with some creative angles I was able to crop out most of the crowds and we took some great photos.

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