Sunday, March 28, 2010

Tacoma is a Sweet Spot for Photos

Mai Hoang

Tacoma Downtown.

Tacoma, WA definitely has a bad rap. The fact that back in the early part of the century, Tacoma used to catch the sewage run off from Seattle does not help.

Nowadays when you walk down A street in downtown, the city shows a lot of historic charm. It has also become a mecca for glass blowers from all over the country due to the fact that Dale Chuhily has called this area home.

The UW Tacoma campus is laced into the city's downtown architecture. The brick work along with well manicured urban gardens provided a great backdrop for the on the fly portraits with Mai.

She's a trooper. I've been working to employ a new style to the photos. To give them extra pop, color, great skin and vibrant eyes.

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