Monday, March 8, 2010

Auburn Family Portraits

Canon 7D
50mm 1.4
2x Nikon Sb80DX

I favor the on location shoots, because for the moment I lack the brick and mortar studio. However, I'm also a person that loves constant change and motion and unpredictability.

Driving deep into Auburn was new photography territory for me. I had a small family to shoot and I already had certain expectations in mind. The idea was to work within the laidout time frame 1hr. About 5-10 poses, momma, poppa, baby, and boom wrap it up.

Upon arrival into the apartment complex, I knew I was going to have some challenges with tight spaces. In a cramped apartment I had brought all of my equipment which when laidout took up about 10% of the living room.

The ability to capture a beautiful photo also means being resourceful and creating a more grandeur illusion vs reality.

I did not have a background with me, but thank you nifty fifty for your shallow DOF and beautiful bokeh.

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