Monday, January 27, 2014

Chi + Huynh E-Session @ Tacoma

Chi + Huynh
E-Session @ Tacoma

You know the phrase opposites attract? Well this cant be more true between Chi and Huynh. She owns her own law office, speaks her mind and does not like dead air or too much silence. Huynh is an operations manager, very mild mannered, patient and quiet. They are definitely polar opposites, but they work and understand each other to another level beyond what the eye can see.

We decided to head down to T-Town (Tacoma) to do the engagement shoot. I personally love to shoot in Tacoma. It has all the charm of Pioneer square but no traffic and non of the urinal stink in the alleys. I'm bringing along a film camera to every shoot to get a contrast in look. Today I brought along my Mamiya 645 Medium format camera f1.9 80mm lens and BW Kodak film.

It was chilly but the weather cooperated and the photos turned out pretty awesome.

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