Monday, February 20, 2012

Johnny+Jenn E-Session - What's the tEMP today?

Johnny+Jenn E-Session
Assist: Mai

I may have mentioned this before but Seattle weather can be a bit unpredictable! The day before I shot Johnny and Jenn's E-Session, it was pouring rain and storming. Which wreaked havoc on Anna and Nick's prewedding shoot. I'm not a fan of rescheduling considering the heavy load on my calendar, so I try to push through most adversities but we were beaten by the weather that day.

Today however was a much more beautiful Seattle day. Over cast, slight drizzle, grey, and a bit chilly. I'm used to this =).

Shooting with Jenn and Johnny was a real joy, they remind me of my younger siblings. They were super laid back and was up for anything (my favorite kind of clients).

This shot was taken at the end of the shoot. I was lucky enough to catch the gull flying by. I call this high production value. =)

Time to Fly

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