Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Romp in the wheat fields - Tammy's Portraits

Tammy Tran
Kent, WA
July 18, 2011

Assist: Quang and Vee Phuong

Makes me feel like an old man when I have to start with "back when I was 14 there were no such things as digital cameras and most Vietnamese adults in my life were under 5 ft tall. Tammy is definitely the new breed and next generation of kids to grow up American. She is 5'7". Over 6 ft with heels and only 14. I felt short standing next to the girl.

She is a deadly combination of brains and beauty. Skipping a grade she will be a sophomore next year in highschool. I was glad she took direction well and was trooper to romp in the tall grass with me.

The photos were taken in a field by my house in Kent. The grass by now has grown extremely tall due to the abundant rain and sunshine this season. So while shooting in the tall grass I must have collected enough grains in my hair and under my shirt to make a small pot of rice.

The photos turned out fabulous! we made due with what we had surrounding the area. VP's classic car, a yellow tractor, and of course, my favorite tall grass.

Equipment used:
Canon 5D
85mm 1.8
White Lightening with white umbrella
Cyber sync triggers

My Voice activated boom - Quang

Binh Nguyen Photographer

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