Sunday, August 8, 2010

33ft Chinese Made Canon Sync Cord for high speed sync off camera flash

So Being a strobist and having beautiful bokeh is almost impossible. Unless of course you know how to use highspeed sync on your Canon or Nikon flash.

As most of us know the shutter sync speed on camera with flash attached does not go over 1/250. With an off camera flash and a wireless trigger system like cybersync or pocket wizards, we technically can set the shutter speed over 1/250 but the consequence is a dreaded black bar caused by the shutter will appear in the photo.

High speed sync will allow you to go to 1/8000 on your shutter speed and still trigger the flash. The science of it can be further explained on This results in nice bokeh and being able to use fill flash on a bright day.

canon lens

So I purchased a 33ft sync cord from China off of Ebay for $40.

So let's get to the meat and pas the potatoes. Why do you need a 33ft long sync cable?

1. To able to use highspeed sync on your flash
2. Everyone knows direct flash looks like shit, so we need to create off camera flash
3. Keep the bokeh
4. Fill the subject with light and not over expose the photo because your stuck at less than 1/250 on your shutter speed.

I tried it on my 7d and Canon 580ex Mii and it works beautifully.

33ft completely coiled creates a relatively small footprint and can be stored in a small little pouch.

canon lens

Similar to the Canon 580ex Mark ii there's a locking mechanism to the hot shoe.

canon lens

The end that attaches to the flash comes with a plastic foot that can be mounted on a hot sync mount.

canon lens

Cheesy Video about highspeed sync

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