Monday, November 7, 2011

Bryan + Dana - Anaheim Wedding

Bryan + Dana
Anaheim & Redland, CA
Assist Chris Ngo
Mon Amour Banquet Restaurant

This was a fun wedding for me. I just got back from a 3 week long Euro honeymoon and so this was the 1st step back into reality. The nice part of this reality is that it took place down in Anaheim, CA. I used to live down there and love the food!

I especially miss Lee's Sandwiches.

They make great Vietnamese sandwiches and are found on every street corner in Westminster.

Naturally the weather was great. 70 degrees in November. To the locals this is chilly. To someone from Seattle, it's time for shorts and a sunblock. =)

Bryan and Dana were gracious hosts! I think I may have found a new future best friend. They housed me in their home fed me and took care of me real well. I cant complain.

The wedding was awesome. In the middle of the 1st dance the entire bridal party broke out into a flash mob to Michael Jackson's thriller. How cool is that?

I also hired Chris Ngo to assist while I was down there. He turned out to be an amazing side kick. Funny guy and was super reliable.

Good Morning

Bridal Party





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