Monday, June 6, 2011

To-Quyen & Kyle Engagement Session - Downtown Seattle

To-Quyen+ Kyle
Engagement Session
Downtown Seattle public Library & Hotel Monaco
Assistant - Samson Kwong

Today was probably the 1st day of actual summer weather. Temperatures hitting 76 degrees. What a fitting day to do some sexy engagement photos, or something reminiscent of sexy. To-Quyen and Kyle were definitely game for most of what I had in mind,including sexy romanticismic photos (I just made up that word), but with To-Quyen's infectious laughter we just down right had a fun time walking around the area.

I've been wanting to shoot at the downtown library now for months, but unfortunately they close at 6pm so we never had the chance to go inside and take advantage of the awesome colors inside the library.

Regardless we were about to capture some of the interesting architecture around the building and inside of Hotel Monaco. I hope you enjoy the following photos!

This is probably my most favorite shot of the day. What a beautiful moment.

This one was done inside the Hotel with Samson holding a Canon 580ex right behind them. Triggered by cybersyncs.

I totally tricked her into walk over this vent. I scouted the area and knew there was a strong vent blowing up. That reaction is 100% genuine. Behind that smile, she was thinking I'm gonna kick your ass for this but I'll be a trooper. She may have flashed half the city. There was definitely a skater standing at the bus stop who had a very large grin on his face.

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