Thursday, December 16, 2010

Oanh's Baby Bump Photos

Baby Bump Photos
Dec. 15, 2010`

I love to shoot portraits. I find people much more interesting than inanimate objects or landscape photography. Not to take away from the beauty of a setting sun, which can look awesome, but it's much more awesome as a backdrop for a portrait. =)

Oanh is one of those folks who has a genuine smile and an open mind for anything. It's natural for most pregnant moms to feel fat or insecure about the additional pounds during their pregnancy. And even worse to have to document this in high resolution photo format, but my thoughts are this, the extra weight in most cases is temporary, and also the baby bump.

So why not show off that beautiful baby capsule while it lasts? Jokingly, I was pushing her to get naked, not in the dirty way you maybe thinking of especially since my fiance and her best friend were assisting that day, but in a way that would do the beautiful pregnant body justice.

After hearing "You Dirty" in Vietnamese about 35 times, I think that open minded girl finally came out and she understood that in life there are certain sacrifices you have to make. Like getting naked to take the artsy fartsy photo. I think she understood that at that moment here's her opportunity to take advantage of making some memories out of a very temporary thing, like being pregnant. I think its this type of sacrifice that will make her a great mom.

So was I able to get the artsy naked photos?

NO, but she did compromise a little...

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