Monday, July 12, 2010

Baby Graham at Golden Gardens Seattle, WA

Golden Gardens
Seatte, WA
Jeannette and Graham

Canon 7D
Canon 35mm F1.4
Nikon SB-80DX Speedlights with a beauty dish.

I'm beginning to love my 35mm f1.4. The focal length breaks the traditional idea for portraits since there is slight distortion and barreling. However I'm actually a huge fan and love the look. It makes the center of the image larger than the edges. To me that is like putting a stage light onto the performer.

In this case the performers were Baby Graham and Momma Jeannette, who were a joy to work with. He had the brightest blue eyes and she had a fantastic demeanor. After reviewing the photos I didn't realize how many funny faces he gave me. I'll have to put those into a montage somehow.

Our morning at Golden Gardens could not have been better. Showered with perfect over cast light and a slight breeze (which was a nice break from the extensive heat we've been getting).

The photos turned out terrific. I employed some creative black and white techniques and dramatic water colors to create the sense of emotion and bond between a mother and child.

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