Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Head Shot Before and After - How I do it

How do they get those awesome headshots!?

Ok ok here you go. Lots of hard work + trial and error. =0)

Ok seriously, here's the recipe:

1 pinch of canon 580ex - with Gary Fong lightsphere - I mean tupper ware
1 dash Nikon SB-80Dx - with Beauty Dish
1 Cup of Alienbees ABR800 - with 59 inch moon unit
1 shake of a grey background
3 tripods
Canon 7D
Canon 50mm 1.4
1 Model
1 Photographer
Adobe bridge or lightroom
Photoshop CS4



1. Wrinkle around the eyes. 2. Saturation 3. Vignetting 4. Spots on the forehead 5. Grey Hair darkened. 6. Wrinkles on the chin from smiling

Pat was a great model! Very photogenic man, calm demeanor, and a smart look about him. I actually didn't have to do much in terms of retouching, I removed the wrinkles around the eyes which naturally occurs to everyone when smiling.

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