Monday, January 25, 2010

Chris & Sarah's Engagement PhotoShoot - Rain? Blah its Seattle!

Chris and Sarah
Seattle, WA
Volunteer Park

Canon 7D
Canon t1i
Beauty Dish
Nikon SB80DX

The day started off extremely rainy, but we had already postponed the shoot twice. Seattle is very unforgiving for photography. You never know when it will rain, you kind of have to expect.

However we Pushed through and went for it anyways. I was definitely worried about getting condensation on my sensor or worse shorting the camera due to the rain.

Lucky for us we found shelter within the tower over looking the park. It provided for a great looking backdrop and kept us dry.

Sometimes working through obstacles causes you to work creatively so the final result were some of the most creative shots I've done for portraits. I'm glad we pushed through it after all.

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