Monday, September 5, 2011

Paul+Juliana Wedding - Gorilla Photography

Paul+Juliana Wedding
Lake Union Cafe
2nd Shooter: Mai

It's very interesting to me see the families of the couples that I meet at every wedding. I'm student of sociology and psychology so I'm always taking mental notes of how certain personalities are molded and reflective of how they were raised.

From my time with Paul and Juliana, I picked up the fact that they came from very caring families who emphasized education and the importance of strong family ties. I can also see that as much as they loved their kids and wanted to protect them, they knew enough to let their kids be independent and learn from their mistakes.

Ok, I'm probably diving too deep down the road of assumptions here so I'll divert this back to wedding photography.

Lake Union Cafe. A very popular spot for weddings. As a matter of fact I will be a groomsmen next March 2012 there.

The venue is cozy and has such a classy ambiance about it.



Dance Party Time:

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